Mortem et Gloriam: Gaugamela 331BCE

Mortem et Gloriam: Gaugamela 331BCE

We are delighted to introduce the WoFun Minis PACTO Pack: Gaugamela 331 BCE, a collaborative initiative between CCC Games and WoFun.

Before the Battle of Gaugamela, a series of negotiations took place between Darius and Alexander, revealing the changing dynamics of power and diplomacy in the ancient world. At first, Darius underestimated Alexander's threat, but as tensions rose, he tried to discourage further aggression through diplomacy. This included offering concessions and even proposing marriage between Alexander and his daughter. However, Alexander remained resolute in his goal to establish his supremacy over Asia, rejecting Darius' offers and insisting on his sole claim to kingship.

In history, the Battle of Gaugamela (331 BCE) marks the final clash of the Persian Achaemenid Empire. Despite their numerical superiority, the Persian forces, gathered from across the empire, proved less organized than the Macedonians. Additionally, they may have been sleep-deprived on the morning of the battle, as Alexander chose to delay the attack the previous night, believing victory would have felt undeserved. Ultimately, the Macedonian forces emerged victorious, bringing an end to over 200 years of Persian rule in the ancient world.

Now, without delay, let's dive into a comprehensive breakdown of the Gaugamela 331 BCE pack, which includes the Later Achaemenid Persian and Alexandrian Macedonian armies.

Later Achaemenid Persian Army

The army contains 172 WoFun Minis, 29 bases, and 15 units: 12 TUGs (tactical unit groups) & 3 SUGs (skirmish unit groups).

These are a couple of WoFun Minis included in the Later Achaemenid Persian army set:

Alexandrian Macedonian Army

The army contains 149 WoFun figurines, 23 bases, and 15 unit groups: 9 TUGs (tactical unit groups) & 6 SUGs (skirmish unit groups).

Here are several WoFun Minis models included in the Alexandrian Macedonian army set:

Final Thoughts

In addition to Gaugamela 331BCE, the other three sets from the first phase of our collaboration with CCC Games are: Zama 201BCECarrhae 53BCE, and Thermopylae 480 BCE. We will announce the sets' release on our Facebook page next week, as they will be made available on the CCC Games and WoFun websites.

For questions about the WoFun Minis PACTO Packs, please reach out to us at 

Best wishes,

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