Mortem et Gloriam: Carrhae 53 BCE

Mortem et Gloriam: Carrhae 53 BCE

Continuing the partnership between CCC Games and WoFun, we're thrilled to introduce the the next pack of the WoFun PACTO Miniature series, namely Carrhae 53 BCE. The collaboration remains focused on our shared mission of welcoming more history enthusiasts to the wargaming community.  The PACTO (compact) version of the “Mortem et Gloriam” rulebook, combined with the ready-to-play WoFun plexiglass miniatures, offer an out-of-the box game that lasts under 90 minutes, all while preserving crucial historical details and overall tactics.

Without further ado, we want to dedicate this blog to offering a complete breakdown of the second pack: Carrhae 53 BCE, comprised of the Imperial Roman and Parthian armies.

Imperial Roman Army 

The pack contains 144 WoFun Minis, 18 bases, and 10 units: 9 TUGs (tactical unit groups) & 1 SUGs (skirmish unit groups).

Here are a few models of WoFun Minis used in the MeG Imperial Roman pack:

Parthian Army

The pack contains 115 WoFun figurines, 22 bases, and 9 unit groups: 5 TUGs (tactical unit groups) & 4 SUGs (skirmish unit groups).

Here are several WoFun Minis models used in the MeG Parthian pack:

Final Thoughts

As we eagerly anticipate the release of Carrhae 53 BCE alongside our other collaborative sets with CCC Games—Zama 202 BCE and Gaugamela 331 BCE—we extend our gratitude to Simon Hall for his dedication and expertise in bringing these historical conflicts to life on the gaming table.

For inquiries about the MeG Packs, please reach out to us at For information about the other sets in the series, stay tuned to our blog and Facebook page, as we continue our journey through the depths of history.

Best wishes,

The WoFun Team

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