About WoFun


World of Fun Games is a company that produces miniatures and tabletop games, founded in 2017 in Transylvania, Romania, EU.


In order to play and fully enjoy a war-game, you need figurines representing the armies you want to play with and props to build the battlefield (the board).
To create a miniature tabletop game, you must be a very good craft man: you must buy miniatures and props from different sources, glue and paint them, and this usually means, for an army with hundreds of figurines, a long crafting time, or a big budget.

The problem is that it takes a lot to set up an epic tabletop war game. It is also very expensive to get all the miniatures ready to play. If you make a diorama of a small battle, it’s just a bit annoying, but over time, when you want to create a complex battle it gets very frustrating. Wargamers end up:

● Spending less time playing and more time “setting it up” (cutting, gluing, painting)
● Wasting time hunting around for quality and historically accurate miniatures
● Struggling to find accurate historical army dress to paint their minis


We faced these challenges when we wanted to build a tabletop game of the Waterloo battle. After a while, our tabletop game project became a search for a new concept of a miniature, ready to be played, illustrated with very high details, and also affordable as a component of a war game with hundreds of miniatures.
We made tens of thousands of tests, and each prototype brought us closer to the final product, a flat Plexiglass miniature printed face and back, with a very detailed character draw, with shadows that trick the eyes and give a 3D perspective to the battlefield.

A WoFun Minis group of soldiers assembled together looks like a respectable army company on the battlefield. Each character is unique and has a different facial expression, beard or hairstyle, and of course, accurate army dressing. And it takes only 2 minutes to create a regiment.


" War-gaming on a tabletop battlefield with miniature figurines is an attractive and absorbing hobby. But until now, it has always presented a newcomer with the daunting prospect of spending weeks, if not months, in painting the armies before they are ready for action. As a result, many people lose interest before they ever get to play a game.

WoFun miniatures now offer a revolutionary solution to this problem.

The figurines come ready-printed in full color, and all you have to do is simply press them from their sprue and slot them into their bases. No paints, no glue – all the hard work has already been done for you!
Best of all, a ready to use 28mm WoFun regiment costs less than a similar number of unpainted hard plastic miniatures and is far cheaper than traditional metal castings. The 10mm and 18mm scale troops are even more economical.

Now the wargamers can buy affordable, battle-ready armies and get straight down to wargaming action. WoFun Minis are amazingly cost-effective to create huge armies, and the wargamers can use them right away. " - Andy Callan

With more than 55000 individual models, created in three scales 28mm, 18mm, and 10mm, the WoFun miniatures collection covers most of the game themes preferred by wargamers around the world.