Mortem et Gloriam: Zama 202BCE

Mortem et Gloriam: Zama 202BCE

We are pleased to announce the next WoFun Minis PACTO Pack, Zama 202BCE, born from the collaboration between CCC Games and WoFun.  

In history, Zama stands not only as the final and decisive victory of the Second Punic War, but as a marking point for the reformation of Roman tactics, which would make it the greatest fighting force of the time. After multiple victories, culminating with that of Cannae (216 BCE), the Carthaginians lost a series of fights during the Second Punic War, with the final one taking place at Zama. The battle started with a failed Carthaginian charge of the war elephants, answered with a cavalry countercharge by Scipio. The countercharge broke the Carthaginian infantry, and shortly after, the Roman victory was assured, putting an end to over 17 years of war.

The packs are designed to be played with the PACTO version of the "Mortem et Gloriam" rulebook, which takes a tactical approach from the point of view of the top generals, and the army as seen from their command perspective. To represent this, the armies are organized in UGs (unit groups), with UGs being further split between TUGs (tactial unit groups), and SUGs (skirmish unit groups). Each UG is grouped under a senior officer, one level below the 2-4 generals explicitly represented on the tabletop.

Without further ado, let's get into a complete breakdown of the Zama 202BCE pack, containing the Roman and Late Carthaginian armies. 

Roman Army 

The army contains 127 WoFun Minis, 20 bases, and 13 units: 11 TUGs (tactical unit groups) & 2 SUGs (skirmish unit groups).

Here are a few models of WoFun Minis used in the Mid Republican Roman army set:

Later Carthaginian Army

The army contains 149 WoFun figurines, 23 bases, and 15 unit groups: 9 TUGs (tactical unit groups) & 6 SUGs (skirmish unit groups).

Here are several WoFun Minis models used in the Later Carthaginian army set:

Final Thoughts

In addition to the Zama 202BCE, the other three sets released in collaboration with CCC Games are: Carrhae 53BCE, Thermopylae 480 BCE, and Gaugamela 331 BCE.

For questions about the WoFun Minis PACTO Packs, please reach out to us at For information about the final set of the series, Gaugamela 331 BCE, stay tuned to our blog and Facebook page, as we continue our journey through the depths of history.

Best wishes,

The WoFun Team

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