Collection: Trafalgar - FR

The collection includes fleets embodying the primary forces of the era: British, French, and Spanish. Besides the ships that fought at Trafalgar, on the Plexiglass sprues, you can find Whalers, Chasee-Maree, and Indiamans models that can be used in different wargaming scenarios of the early 19th century.

A flagship (the bigger ship type in the Trafalgar collection) has a hull of 65 mm, the length of the ship, including the bowsprit, is 86 mm, the height of the mainmast measured from the waterline is 59 mm. a frigate has a hull of 55 mm and approximately 47 mm height, the smaller ships like whalers have approximately 40 mm in height, and the hull is 40 mm in length.

Designed by Florian Richter, a talanted artist and wargamer known for his superb paper ship models.

Immerse yourself in the epic maritime encounter with the WoFun miniatures!

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