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Starter Pack Renaissance 28 mm

Starter Pack Renaissance 28 mm

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Illustrator: Peter Dennis

Product type: Starter Packs

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Experience a crucial era in European history with the 28mm Renaissance StarterPack - a perfect set for beginners and experienced gamers alike.

The rules adjust to players’ level of experience, eliminating overwhelm for beginners, but challenging advanced gamers. Plus, the pre-printed figurines allow you to enjoy the period without a large investment of time and resources.

The Renaissance Italian Wars (1494-1529) shaped a unique period of intellectual and martial innovation. The set contains the French and Imperialist armies, each offering distinct advantages to navigate the era's battles. The French have improved artillery mobility, allowing for dynamic and powerful attacks. Alternatively, with extra troops, the Imperialist army can include Pistoleer Cavalry, armed with wheel-lock pistols that quickly neutralize enemies.

The StarterPack contains:

  • French Army with:
    • 2 regiments of Swiss Heavy Infantry
    • 2 regiments of French Knights (heavily armored)
    • 1 regiment of Balkan Light Cavalry
    • 1 regiment of Arquebusiers
    • 1 regiment of Artillery
    • 1 Mounted Officer
  • Imperialist Army with:
    • 2 regiments of Landsknecht Heavy Infantry
    • 1 regiment of German Heavy Cavalry
    • 1 regiment of Stradiots
    • 1 regiment of Arquebusiers
    • 1 regiment of Artillery
    • 1 Mounted Officer
  • Digital wargaming rules (basic & advanced) by Andy Callan, available for free on our website
  • 410 figurines on 6 Plexiglass sprues

The set includes 68 bases. To enjoy fast wargaming, make sure to include the WoFun Standard Bases option. If you choose “No Bases”, we will only the Plexiglass figurines, so that you can make your own basing. The WoFun bases for this set measure 40x30mm each, are made from MDF (2.5mm thickness), and come printed in green (grass texture). They are structured as follows:

  • An Infantry Base holds 2 groups of figurines, in 2 ranks (one behind the other).
  • A Cavalry Base holds 2 groups of figurines, in 2 ranks.
  • An Artillery Base holds one gun and its crew.
To customize the game, you can add dice, ruler/tape measure, and a game mat. The rules are available in digital form (PDF) on the website.


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The shipping cost varies according to destination, ranging from 20 EUR to 24 EUR for packages weighing under 2kg. For instance, a 2 kg box of miniatures consists of 14 Plexiglass sprues of miniatures and their bases. For packages weighing between 2kg and 4.5kg, the approximate DHL cost falls within the range of 30 to 36 EUR.

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What do the letters at the end of the collections' names signify?

At WoFun, our collections are crafted in collaboration with various talented illustrators. The two letters appended to the end of collection names represent the initials of the respective illustrators who contributed to creating that particular collection. Here are the abbreviations:

WoF – WoFun illustrations

PD – Peter Dennis

GS - George Seryapov

JP – Jose Maria Pujalte Mora

SC - Sérgio Veludo Coelho

VB - Vyacheslav Batalov

DB - Darius Buraczewski

KC - Kevin Cunningham

FR - Florian Richter

SS – Soldiers Shop

What types of games are suitable for WoFun miniatures?

WoFun miniatures are versatile and suitable for various wargaming styles. Different collections may cover to specific preferences. For example, VB and GS Signature Editions are ideal for skirmish wargaming, focusing on individual figurines, while PD, JP, and KC Signature Editions are tailored for tactical wargaming, featuring figurines in groups. WoF figurines can be used for both skirmish and tactical wargaming. Check the product images in your desired collection to determine their suitability for your games.

What material are your figurines made of?

WoFun Minis 10mm are crafted from 1.5mm Plexiglass, while the 18mm and 28mm figurines are made from 2mm thick Plexiglass.


What is an addon?

An addon is a set of figurines printed on a single 15cm x 20cm Plexiglass sheet (we call it a Plexiglass sprues of figurines), typically representing a specific regiment (for historical collections) or entity (for fantasy collections). The product code for all addons starts with Add_.

What types of Add-ons are available?

Most WoFun collections feature five types of addons: Infantry, Artillery, Cavalry, Leaders, and Casualties addons.

What is the difference between 18mm & 28mm Add-ons?

Both addons are made on a single 15cm x 20cm Plexiglass sheet. The 18mm version accommodates double the figurines of the 28mm version due to their smaller scale.

How do I choose the scale - 10mm, 18mm, or 28mm?

The choice of scale depends on your preferences and needs. Smaller scales (10mm and 18mm) are cost-effective for dioramas, while a larger scale (28mm) offers more detail on each figurine. Smaller scales also require less space, with 10mm and 18mm requiring a game mat of approximately 90cm x 120cm, while 28mm requires around 120cm x 200cm.

Can I request custom sets?

Certainly! WoFun offers custom sets of miniatures tailored to your specific needs. Contact us via email with your collection preference, and we'll provide a list of products for you to customize.


What is the WoFun Standard Bases option?

By selecting the WoFun Standard Bases option, you'll receive all the bases required for each set of miniatures. The base types vary by collection and miniatures type. PD, KC, JP, SC and WoF collections include bases with two ranks suited for groups of figurines, while VB and GS Signature Editions (for skirmish wargaming) feature bases for individual figurines, ranging from 15mm to 4cm.

What are the sizes of bases in the WoFun Standard Bases option?

For most WoFun collections, 18mm scale bases measure 30mm x 20mm, and 28mm scale bases measure 40mm x 30mm. Some collections may have different configurations, so please refer to the product description for specific information. If you can't find the details you need, feel free to reach out to us.

What material are the bases made of?

Our bases are crafted from pre-cut 2.5mm MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) and come printed in green with a grass texture.

Can I request a different base size for your figurines?

Certainly! We can create custom bases in any size and shape to meet your specific needs. If you prefer custom bases, you can purchase the figurines with the "No Bases" option and then email us with details about your desired base sizes and configuration. Custom orders will be processed through a PayPal invoice sent via email.

Do you offer bases with different colors/textures?

Absolutely! WoFun provides custom bases with various colors and textures. Send us an email with a photo showcasing the desired texture, base size, and configuration. Keep in mind that the texture/color you see on screen might slightly differ from the actual nuance seen on the MDF sprue.


What are "Full Packs"?

"Full Packs" are comprehensive bundles of addons meticulously curated to provide the best value for a specific collection. Each Full Pack contains one piece from every addon included in that particular collection. Check the Full Packs’ description for details on the included addons or regiments.

What are "StarterPacks"?

"StarterPacks" are designed to give everyone the opportunity to initiate their wargaming journey in a specific period in a short time. These packs adhere to Andy Callan’s rules, catering to both beginners and advanced wargamers. You can freely download the StarterPacks rules from the Wargaming Rules menu.

What are "Game Packs"?

"Game Packs" are sets tailored for a specific rule book and/or type of game, created upon the custom request of WoFun Supporters. Since our addons typically come with a fixed number of bases, our Supporters may contact us for adjustments based on specific rule book requirements. Each Game Pack's description includes a link to the associated rule book around which the set was crafted.


Where can I see your figurines in action?

To experience WoFun Minis in action, join the WoFun Wargaming Group on Facebook. This dynamic community shares inspiring pictures and valuable advice related to wargaming and history.

What does "WoFun" mean?

The name "WoFun" is derived from our mission to craft a "World of Fun." We are dedicated to creating an enjoyable and immersive experience for enthusiasts, and the name reflects our commitment to delivering a world filled with fun and excitement.

How can I make a payment for my order?

You can securely complete your order payment through various options available on the WoFun website. We accept payments through PayPal, Shopify Payments, and Google Payments. To prioritize your security, please be informed that we do not store any card data on our website. Our chosen payment providers are reputable major companies, ensuring a high level of security for all your transactions.

I have another question.

If you have any additional questions that are not covered in the F.A.Q, please feel free to reach out to us on the contact page or by e-mail at We are here to assist you and provide the information you need. Contact us, and our team will be happy to help.

About WoFun Minis

The figurines come ready-printed in full color, and all you have to do is simply press them from their plexiglass sprue and slot them into their bases. No paints, no glue – all the hard work has already been done for you!

Now you can buy affordable, battle-ready armies and get straight down to wargaming action!