Saluting Your Support in the New WoFun Minis HQ

Saluting Your Support in the New WoFun Minis HQ

Welcome to the Unveiling of WoFun's New Website!

Here we stand, four years since we started an extraordinary journey into the realms of historical and fantasy wargaming. Since our first crowdfunding project from 2019 "Bring History into Your Home", we've embarked on a captivating exploration through the history—a journey made possible by your support and involvement. 

We express our appreciation for your support, which has been instrumental in bringing our project to life. Thank you for standing with us on this extraordinary journey.

To facilitate a smooth transition from the old platform to the new, we kindly request you to recreate your account using the same email address by following this [account activation link]. Rest assured, your account details and order history have seamlessly transitioned to the new site, awaiting your access through the login to your new account.

Our fresh website is not just a visual upgrade but a gateway to an enriched browsing experience. It comes equipped with free wargaming rules, advanced filters for streamlined miniature sorting, and an expanded gallery showcasing WoFun Minis in all their glory. We believe these enhancements will elevate your browsing experience, making it more enjoyable and seamless than ever before. We cordially invite you to explore the new digital abode of WoFun Miniatures!

Join us on this exciting chapter of our journey, and let the adventure continue!

Warm regards,

The WoFun Team

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