Breathtaking Dioramas: Andrew’s 18mm English Civil War

Breathtaking Dioramas: Andrew’s 18mm English Civil War

Last year, we were pleasantly surprised when the WoFun supporters created the WoFun Games Supporters Wargaming Group on Facebook. The group, thriving for a couple of months now, buzzes with daily discussions. There, hundreds exchange advice, share battle reports, and showcase their dioramas with WoFun Minis.

Applying for membership to the group is a fantastic way to connect with like-minded individuals. You are warmly invited to join the community and begin a fascinating journey through history! Here’s a link to the group.

Coming back to our topic today, amongst a multitude of reasons, joining the community is also an excellent idea if you want to make the most immersive experience of your battle. By sharing photos of customized dioramas within the group, the members offer inspiration to each other, showcasing how the WoFun miniatures can shine to their full capacity. One of these ingenious dioramas is that of Andrew Hobbs, at which we'll take a step-by-step look today.

A closer look at Andrew’s ingeniosity

Andrew's crafted bases exemplify how WoFun Minis can achieve a complete 3D effect. And the recipe is effortless. Simply sprinkle some static grass over a layer of glue, and voila!

By attaching tags to the Leaders’ bases, Andrew keeps crucial game information easily accessible. In this instance, he included the name and other relevant details. Of course, when implementing this idea you can customize the information as needed.

Another ingenious idea Andrew employs is using paper flags for flag bearers. This not only allows for more diverse scenarios with fewer figurines (and consequently less investment), but also adds a dynamic element to gameplay, simulating the effect of wind on the flags.

And Andrew's ingenuity doesn’t end there. Take a moment to appreciate how the trees enhance the diorama. Andrew acquired over 120 trees from eBay for around 8-10 pounds, and glued them in groups of three onto bases. Of course, in this case, we're also perfectly fine with you choosing the WoFun MDF Trees, beautifully illustrated by Peter Dennis.

More about the collection

The miniatures Andrew’s used in his diorama are from the English Civil War – Peter Dennis Signature Edition. This comprehensive collection includes 10 regiments of Infantry, 7 of Cavalry, and 1 of Artillery, totaling over 750 ready-to-play figurines for the Royalist and Parlimentarian armies.

For a hassle-free introduction to the period, we recommend the ECW StarterPacks, which include PDF rules and two balanced armies. Plus, the packs are easily expandable, allowing you to grow your armies over time. Alternatively, the Full Packs offer the most cost-effective solution for building larger armies, including a copy of each sprue in the collection at a significant discount.

A good starting point for playing wargames from this period is Andy Callan's game rule for the English Civil War, which is available for free on the WoFun website. These rules are designed with newcomers to wargaming in mind, offering a straightforward introduction to ACW wargaming. However, beyond the basic rules, you'll also discover suggestions for engaging in a more advanced and complex wargaming experience.


If you've followed along this far, you've likely recognized the captivating potential of customizing your dioramas with WoFun Minis. Andrew's showcase has left us thoroughly impressed, and we believe you'll feel the same. Don't hesitate to join our vibrant community on Facebook and engage in discussions. We look forward to seeing you there!

Until next time,
The WoFun Team

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